Gruppo Ricerche Carsiche

000 000 Putignano (Bari)
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Description of Gruppo Ricerche Carsiche

The Karst Research Group of Putignano is a section of the CAI of Gioia del Colle as regards speleological research and the study of karst environments and aspects related to this phenomenon.

Courses to approach caving techniques are organized periodically, on an annual basis, usually in the months between the end of September and mid-November and are aimed at all over 15 years of age. Students face about 20 hours of theoretical lessons, organized in the evening that end with 5 days of excursion and practical lesson organized on weekends.

Through the course, the student knows the underground world and the techniques to be able to move in an environment such as the karst one in safety.

The course entails the recognition by the CAI with the release of the certificate of passing and the registration card to the Italian Alpine Club.

In addition, advanced courses and speleology instructor courses are held, of regional and national interest.

Another sector in which the Karst Research Group is very present is that of environmental education courses in schools. For the past 11 years some educational courses have been offered to schools for children and teenagers regarding the knowledge of the karst landscape and all the notions related to this particular environment.

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