Gruppo Speleologico Archeologico Livornese

Via Roma 234 57100 Livorno (City)Livorno
 Abyss Monte Pisanino Antro del Corchia 1974  Buca dei Grilli 1974  Baccile 1975  Abyss Smilodonte  Smilodonte

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Description of Gruppo Speleologico Archeologico Livornese

The Livornese Speleological Archaeological Group (GSAL) has been practicing speleological exploration since 1972, the year of its formation and the beginning of its collaboration with the Museum of Natural History of Livorno under a scientific aspect, such as study, knowledge and protection of a peculiar natural environment such as the underground one and of the manifestations of natural and anthropic presence that are established in these environments.

The associates who make up the great Livorno group are therefore not only speleologists, but also include experts in biology, archeology, geology and other disciplines, in a highly interdisciplinary context that covers all phases of exploratory research.

The center is also home to the school of speleology in Livorno and the only one to take care on site of the realization of technical-scientific courses concerning this discipline.

The courses are of various levels and are held by the trained instructors of the school, which organizes its own operations and training courses for adults in collaboration with schools, associations and other local organizations, as well as being active with proposals in the field , such as lessons or expeditions in caves that are not the tourist type.

If you wish to join this association and share your passion for caving, contact the Group for more info.

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