Società di Studi Carsici

via F.LLI CERVI 9/G 000 Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia)
 The Third Practical Exit to the Ternovizza Cave (TS) Caving Courses  Course 09  The Second Practical Exit to the Nemez Cave (TS)  The Fourth Course Exit to the Padriciano Cave (TS)  The First Exit with the Students to the former quarry of Monrupino (TS)

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Description of Società di Studi Carsici

The Società di Studi Carsici is committed to the promotion and development of speleological activities, concentrating its commitment and its proposals in two fundamental sectors:

  • technical activities - include outings and excursions in karst environments and cave expeditions,
  • scientific activities - that deal with studies and research on everything related to karstism.

In these years of activity the Company has carried out many studies in the field of mineralogy in cave environments and has made its intervention and commitment also in the field of education, creating and realizing specific courses of technical validity and scientific regarding the topics of speleology and karstism aimed in particular at those who wish to make first contact with the subjects.

That of The Society of Karst Studies is a great passion and we would also like you to share it with us!

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