Balloon flight in the Aosta Valley for 1 hour

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Quart (Aosta)
on the beautiful alps of the aosta  we are waiting for you, come soon  everyone has fun in our balloon  you will love to fly with us, we are sure of it  a wonderful region

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Description of Balloon flight in the Aosta Valley for 1 hour

Flying in a hot air balloon is an extraordinary experience worth trying at least once in a lifetime, offering breathtaking views and an absolutely unique feeling of freedom.

In balloon you have the impression of floating lighter than air while enjoying a 360 ° panorama. The silence is interrupted only by the blow of the burner that heats the balloon, you can fly slowly, low to the ground, fields and small towns or get up a few thousand meters without almost noticing it, no other aircraft offers you this versatility.

In Valle d'Aosta you can fly all year round! All weekends and holidays, each season has its own particularity.

Our pilots have been Italian champions of specialties 10 times. Currently holders of the Italian Championship of balloon flight 2019.

To fly in a hot air balloon with us you must meet certain criteria:
  • you must not suffer from any type of heart disease, bone deficiency problems, severe back problems, you must not have hearing compensation problems, you cannot fly if you are pregnant.
  • If you are not able to enter and exit the basket independently or take one / two steps, pass one leg at a time on the other side of the railing and go down inside the basket.
  • if you are unable to maintain the correct support position during landing (flex your knees while holding on to the handles).
  • if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If you have any doubts, consult your specialist and bring us a medical certificate certifying that you are eligible to fly in a hot air balloon. It is important to remove any doubts about the state of your health which could otherwise affect your safety and that of other passengers.
  • From 16-18 you must have a signed authorization from a parent.
  • You must wear appropriate shoes and shoes without heels as indicated on our website (FAQ)
  • the average weight on board must not exceed 73 kg per person or 140 kg the couple .... if someone is over this weight they must communicate it, especially in the summer
Come and enjoy the charming town of Quart in Valle d'Aosta from a unique and incredible point of view!

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What does the activity include
The price includes:
  • initial briefing
  • experienced instructor
  • transport service
On request it is possible to attend the inflating of the balloon.
How long the activity lasts
The activity will have a total duration of 1 hour of travel.
When your activity starts and finishes
The timetable of the activity will be established directly with the company that will be at your disposal immediately after booking the activity.
Minimum age
7 years

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1 - 30 people
Latest booking51 days ago
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Question: Volevo sapere il flew in mongolfiera è un'attività che si può fare anche di pomeriggio.
Answer: My spiace ma su Aosta possibile will fly only ad determinati orari al mattino in base alla stagione. A single flight to the giorno and non il pomeriggio.

Gli orari, date, available only on the calendar page.
Organizing company | ago 13 months


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