Week between seas and mountains, sailing and culture

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Montepaone, Catanzaro
Soverato  Squillace  sailing in Calabria

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Description of Week between seas and mountains, sailing and culture

Dedicated to those who want a dynamic holiday, an unmissable proposal that combines a stay in a farmhouse with a series of unmissable guided tours.

The holiday will begin on Saturday with the arrival, in the evening, at the Agriturismo "Tra mari e monti" , a beautiful structure in the town of Zagarise, located in a quiet area of the town, on the outskirts of the village. ancient part of the village and in the shadow of the Norman Tower.

Tra Mari e Monti is equipped with spacious and furnished rooms to allow maximum comfort to its guests, equipped with everything necessary to make your holiday unique: bathroom linen set, bathrobe etc.

Staying in this exclusive structure is the best way to combine the elegance of a stay in a welcoming and elegant center but the low prices of a farmhouse: the comfortable and accessible common areas also allow guests to spend pleasant hours together. br />
  • The real activities will begin on SUNDAY , following the rich breakfast served in the farmhouse , in fact, there will be a guided tour of the Adventure Park "Orme nel parco" , one of the great points of interest for tourism in the south, built in the same municipality as Zagarise.
The Park is located at 1550 meters above sea level and extends for three hectares in a beech forest within the Sila National Park : a magical and unspoiled place where you can test yourself with the paths between trees; an activity suitable for everyone thanks to the subdivision of the paths of equipment according to the difficulty and age of the participants.
Inside the Orme Park in the park it will be possible to carry out other activities besides the suspended paths , such as, for example, mountain bike excursions or try climbing.

Admission to the park is free , but the activity you choose to carry out is to be paid locally, according to the tariff.

For lunch there is a rich grill of mixed meat and vegetables outdoors, including bread and drinks.

Expected return at about 18.00 return to the farm, where we will have dinner and we will deserve a good night's rest.
  • The MONDAY will start with the usual breakfast and departure for our program of the day with a visit to the Archaeological Park of Squillace and Squillace Antica.
We will move to Borgia , south of the city of Catanzaro, for our planned visit to the Archaeological Park of Scolacium , an area established in the year '82 which preserves the remains of the ancient Greek colony of Skylletion which later became a Roman settlement with the name of Scolacium.

The park is a site of great interest for the visitor who is passionate about history, in fact it preserves many examples of ancient buildings from different eras, and is therefore evidence of the different dominations that have affected the area: the Greek-Roman and Norman , as far as architecture is concerned, but also many artistic finds such as ceramics even older than the aforementioned settlements, and headless statues.
At the entrance to the archaeological area, it will be interesting to visit the Roccelletta di Borgia , an imposing basilica in honor of Santa Maria della Roccella , of which the dating is still uncertain due to the overlapping of different works during its construction which involved different eras and which produced a commission of styles in theitself: Romanesque, Byzantine and Arabic.

Always within the archaeological area, our visit will take us to the ancient Roman Theater , which still retains traces of its steps, as well as the beautiful Roman Forum , whose the ground is made up of bricks and in which the seat of the senate, a religious monument, a fountain and many other signs of Roman life can be identified.

Free lunch will follow.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the visit of Squillace , which from its green plateau rises 344 meters above sea level, and dominates the Gulf that takes its name from the town.

The strategic position of the town made it a point of great interest during its various dominations.
The town is full of points of interest that you can visit both artistic, architectural and naturalistic.

The return is scheduled in the evening for dinner and overnight stay in a farmhouse.

  • The TUESDAY will be the turn of Scilla and Pizzo Calabro for a journey through history and mythology. We will discover the magic and suggestions of the city of Scilla, a splendid site where human ingenuity and the inspiration of nature meet.
Precisely this absolute oeculiarity of Scilla makes it an absolutely surreal place and is at the origin of the mythology that was generated in these areas.

After lunch, free, it will be the turn of our visit to Pizzo Calabro and to Murat Castle for an extraordinary excursus of the spectacular Calabrian coast.

At the center of the village we will be able to observe the Murat Castle , which took its name from Giocchino Murat, Napoleon's brother-in-law who was imprisoned and shot here, and which is today proclaimed a national monument.
Another fundamental stop will be the Piedigrotta Church , an evocative sacred center entirely dug into the tuff, a material also used for the interiors.
  • WEDNESDAY - Moving to the Agritourism "I Limini" , immersed in the green of its woods, we will find ourselves in a fundamental point for visits to the ecological oasis of the Vibonese Evenings. The property is located in a privileged logistical position, which allows it to serve as a perfect base for day trips to the most beautiful places in the area.

It will be possible to find oneself practically immersed in what on an ancient monastic fief between 800 and 900 AD. enclosed between the waters of the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

It will be possible to trekking in the Sentiero d'italia , a naturalistic route traced by the CAI and to reach on foot Torre di Ruggiero , a very close Norman-built village.
For the second part of the day we will stay in the company.
  • THURSDAY will be our day dedicated to sailing with the staff of the Circolo Velico di Soverato for a sailing course and proposals for activities directly on the beach.
Free lunch with the possibility to take advantage of the agreements of the center, return for dinner and overnight stay.
  • The course will continue on FRIDAY after breakfast.
Our vacation will end on SATURDAY: we will say goodbye after breakfast.

The activities are managed by regular tour operators and therefore covered by insurance in accordance with the law, as are all the activities of this origin.

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What does the activity include
The package includes:
  • 7 nights in a farmhouse,
  • 7 Calabrian dinners in a farmhouse,
  • 7 breakfasts in a farmhouse,
  • 1 lunch - barbecue in the park,
  • Drinks with meals,
  • Rental with driver for excursions and transfers to and from Lamezia Terme SUF Airport and / or train and bus stations.
What does not include:
  • Activities in the park - optional to be paid on the spot,
  • Optional sailing course - to be paid locally,
  • Lunches except Sunday,
  • Travel to and from Lamezia Terme from the starting point.
The program can be implemented with a minimum of 4 people subject to availability from April to November.

How long the activity lasts
Stay from Saturday to Saturday, for a total of 7 nights.
When your activity starts and finishes
Check in at 18.00 on Saturday and check out at 18.00 on the following Saturday.
Accommodation as scheduled in a 5 * Farmhouse:
  • Agritourism "Tra marie monti" Zagarise,
  • Agriturismo "I Limini" Torre di Ruggiero.
In the agritourisms mentioned you can experience the well known "Calabrian hospitality".
They are included:
  • Transport to and from the airport and railway stations of arrival in Lamezia Terme,
  • Transits for trips and excursions, shuttle to and from Soverato from Torre di Ruggiero,
  • Transit from Zagarise to Torre di Ruggiero.

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1 - 40 people
Rewards! 24,90€
Recover the 3% value of each purchase. Rewards can be used in future purchases
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English · Italian

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