Sailing & Tourism in Copenhagen in Flotilla 18 August

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Description of Sailing & Tourism in Copenhagen in Flotilla 18 August

Seize the opportunity of an unforgettable beach holiday! Our "Sailing & Tourism" proposal allows you to combine the charm of the European Capitals with the pleasure of a sailing holiday.

Furthermore, our flotilla cruises are the perfect combination between the joy of a holiday in the company of many new friends and the relaxation of navigation, made of silent seas and incredible discoveries.

The adventure of exploration and pure emotion that we propose here (this is not a classic cruise or a beach holiday), takes you to Copenhagen, recently elected the best city in the world, with its sinuous streets, enclosed within the walls of grandiose royal palaces and its emblematic and characteristic landscapes and monuments: the Tivoli, the Little Mermaid ...

We will sail in the Oresund waters, the sea that separates the Danish coasts from the Swedish ones, a destination for non-classical tourism and, for this reason, the perfect setting for our intercultural exchange project.

We will touch Malmo , the town that will surprise us with its highly advanced eco-sustainability project and which, in 2007, was the setting for some regattas of the America's Cup. During our passage we will visit the famous Turning Torso, an incredible building that reaches 190 m in height, which earned it the second place in the list of the tallest buildings in Europe.

We will land in front of the Kronborg Castle , used by William Shakespeare as the setting for the tragedy "Hamlet" and we will be able to moor the boats in front of another extraordinary example of historic castle, the fairytale Castle of Landskrona.

The program also includes a sailing in the waters of the Kullaberg Nature Reserve, here we will be able to anchor along the coasts of the wild village of Molle , in the which we will find ourselves immersed in unspoiled nature and in the charming Swedish fishing villages.

Participation is not reserved for sailors who are already experienced in sailing, but also for the adventurous who want to experience this suggestive alternative tourism holiday: everyone on board will be able to experience the maneuvers of the sails or the steering of the rudder.

The trips and the program include:
  • flight to Copenhagen on Sunday 18 August 2013 (individually booked),
  • 20 minutes by shuttle train to Malmö on the Oresund Bridge,
  • boarding in Limhamn Marina in Malmo,
  • accommodation aboard 3 boats in the flotilla: Ketch "retro", Bavaria 37, Bavaria 40,
  • route to the old port of Copenhagen and city tour,
  • sailing Mar Oresund (approximately 100 miles expected),
  • visit of Malmo, Helsingborg, Kronborg, Molle,
  • return to Malmo and disembarkation,
  • return to Italy on Sunday 25-8-2013 (individual flight).

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What does the activity include
The price includes:
  • boat rental,
  • accommodation in a double cabin,
  • skipper services.
DOES NOT include:
  • round trip air travel (there are low cost flights around € 100),
  • common fund (usually around 200 euros per person),
  • bail,
  • membership card.
How long the activity lasts
The duration of the trip is one week from 18 to 25 August.
Accommodation aboard boats with 3 cabins (double and / or bunk).

Deal availability

Basic information

18 - 21 people
Rewards! 21,60€
Recover the 3% value of each purchase. Rewards can be used in future purchases
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