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via San Bernardino 24 24122 Bergamo (City) (Bergamo)
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Description of Cut Away

Cut Away is a skydiving center born from the common idea of a group of friends, all passionate about skydiving. The school is located in Bergamo and opens its doors to anyone who wants to try their hand at a new and exciting sport.

Despite being made up of normal people (each with a professional activity other than skydiving), it boasts a great deal of experience, both didactic and practical, in skydiving.

The staff aims to transmit the passion for this discipline. The fear of heights or the fear of jumping disappear, if coordinated by our instructors.

Here's what you can do at our facility:

Tandem jump . Compared to other jumps, the Tandem allows you to make the descent connected to the instructor's harness. It's the surest way to experience the thrill of speed and the feeling of soaring in the air. The theoretical preparation is really fast and consists of only 15 introductory minutes.

F.V. with wing parachute. It is the most traditional of the launch methods (until not many years ago, it was the only one in existence). The first jumps are made only after the theoretical lessons. The parachute is opened automatically by means of a bridle. Starting from a base altitude of 1200 meters, where you learn the correct exit from the helicopter, you can end with a free fall flight from a height of 4000 meters.

Course A.F.F. - Accellerated Free Fall. It is the most modern and effective personalized teaching method. Reduces learning time by four to five times, compared to the bridle program. It is able to provide the basics of sports parachuting, in a short period of time.

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Reviews of Cut Away

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Very good

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Antonella Colombo
10 Very good
Reviewed the 01/08/14

Review translated from Italian

18 birthday gift successful thanks to the competence and professionalism of the people dedicated to this activity, launch in tandem thank you very much

Company's response: Antonella

GRAZIE a lei per esser stata "dei nostri" .... vuol dire che la aspettiamo ancora ;-) !!!!!

Pier Consonni

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10 Very good
Reviewed the 06/10/14

Review translated from Italian

I had a great time. Very professional staff. It was an experience that exceeded my expectations.

Absolutely to be redone. Thanks Cut Away !!!

Company's response: Anna GRAZIE ;-) !!!!!!!

...... è stato un grandissimo piacere averla "con noi" spero tornerà a trovarci, magari with altri amici.Grazie ancora

Pier Consonni with tutto the staff of Cut-Away Bergamo

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