Cantina San Michele Appiano

via Circonvallazione 17/19 39057 Appiano sulla strada del vino EppanBBolzano
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Description of Cantina San Michele Appiano

Cantina San Michele Appiano is on the wine route, a path that testifies to the eventful history of our winery. The Art Nouveau architecture of our structure is an expression of the pride and pride of the Appiano farmers who wanted to give their wine an adequate setting. The subsequent expansion symbolizes orientation towards the future: a sign of the determination of the opening of the Oltradige winemakers.

The philosophy of our original winery is made up of a symbiosis between tradition and innovation which, thanks to the oenologist Hans Terzer, has made the winery one of the most important producers in South Tyrol and throughout Italy.

We are synonymous with extraordinary quality that knows no compromises: especially the "St. Valentin "is particularly appreciated by enthusiasts and connoisseurs and the general level of our wines continues to improve with the passage of time.

Come and meet our Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer, top Italian wines.

Do not miss the magnificent opportunity to discover the production processes of these supreme wines, from the precious vineyards that you can visit, to the barrels and the finished product to taste. With us, history and taste are at your disposal in an exciting natural setting!

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