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Best of all, Yumping gift cards do not expire, ever. So they can be redeemed any time of year. You decide when you want to do the activity.

We currently have over 20.000 different activities, and the gift card can be redeemed for any of them. Some people prefer a relaxing activity, such as horse riding, hiking, or canoeing, whilst the more adventerous prefer one of our more exciting activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping or rafting

Therefore, our activities suit any occasion: birthday, a romantic getaway, family entertainment ..

You can write your name, and the name of who it is for. Also, you can buy it for any amount, you decide how much you want to spend

From the moment you make the purchase, until you perform the activity, you will be fully protected, because what really care about is that your Yumping experience is perfect from start to finish

We have a team of Adventure Planners who will advise you on the best activities in your area, or wherever you want to do the activity. If the activity can not be performed, for example for weather reasons, you can use the card for another date, another activity, or we will refund your money

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