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Via Europa n. 76 90048 San Giuseppe JatoPalermo
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Description of Siculintrepidi 4x4 Club

Siculintrepidi 4x4 Club lives all its activities in the name of the group and of the union, it is the associates themselves who vote for participation or not in an event or meeting rather than a race. This choice always keeps us numerous at the events we decide to take part in, a sort of primacy that accompanies us every time, and allows all members to rely on the experience of their companions.

This feature has also allowed the members to create a really close-knit group that is united, perhaps initially by a common passion, but which then turns into a real group of friends.

A compact group that also guarantees a high level of safety in the race: in the event of difficulty or a particularly technical route, in fact, the group rushes to help the teammate in difficulty; at the Siculintrepidi group we proceed all together!

Social outings are organized for all members who want to participate, have no cost, and are established in detail by the members, who choose the destinations and are lived in the name of the desire for discovery and being together.

Of course, these opportunities are also open to potential new members eager to find out how it feels to be part of a large group like ours.

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