Le Tartarughe Volanti

Via per Cantalupo 21040 OriggioVarese
 img-6048.jpg Landing in the meadow  Perfect landing  Paramotor in the air  Traveling in the air  In the deep blue  Ready to land  3 ... 2 ... 1 on the ground!  Happiness in landing  Greetings from the sky  Full speed  Ready for departure ...  Maintenance  Propeller ready  Take off  The adventure begins  In the bluuu  With better equipment  Always guided by excellent professionals  Flying is possible  Spectacular landscape  What a view!  Breathtaking views  Flying ohoh  Paramotor in pairs  Always at safe distances  Speed !!  Boundless meadows  Lawn and paramotors  Let's fly!

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Description of Le Tartarughe Volanti

If you are a flying enthusiast and have always dreamed of soaring in the air, then what you have to do is contact the Flying Turtles Sports Association, born in the spring of 2008 in Trezzo sull'Adda, in the province of Milan.

But how was this association born? The founding members' love of flying led to the realization of this initiative. The policy that has always guided the center is to spread the flight and make you as passionate as possible. All this always in maximum compliance with safety regulations and with the utmost professionalism, punctuality and competence.

You will have highly qualified instructors , qualified by the Aero Club d'Italia , who will accompany you and assist you constantly throughout the experience, flying with you with a tandem flight.

If you are worried because you believe that a particular physical prowess is necessary, we reassure you by saying that you will not need any particular physical preparation, you will only have to sit in the front seat and you too can visit the sky with us , giving you an unforgettable experience.

Don't give up the chance to fly! Contact us now and book your flight, or give this exciting day to your loved ones !!

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Le Tartarughe Volanti Paramotoring

Via per Cantalupo 21040 OriggioVarese
 Up in the sky In flight  In the sky  And we fly  Slow landing  Landing  In two  Hold on tight !!!  Adrenaline to the max  Ready to go !!  Take-off  Departure  Ready to go  Preparation  A little maintenance  At sunset  And off we go !!  Take-off  Up in the sky  To the adventure  In the sky  The beauty of flight  More on  The take-off  img-6020.jpg  The beautiful nature around  With the engine  Flying over the river  In flight  Strong emotions  Adrenaline to the max  Breathtaking experience over n  Above the roofs and valleys  Almost in flight  In preparation  Soft landing

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Description of Le Tartarughe Volanti Paramotoring

Who, at least once in their life, hasn't dreamed of flying ? Well, it's time to get up from the sofa and make your dream come true by climbing aboard a paramotor.

The Flying Turtles Sports Association, born in the spring of 2008 in Trezzo sull'Adda , is exactly the place that fits perfectly for you and your needs.

The immense passion for flight led to the creation of this avant-garde center whose sole objective is to spread the passion for flying as much as possible.

The paramotor is a safe, modern vehicle and ours are periodically subjected to checks, in order to guarantee you an experience that is very safe.

The paramotor is distinguished from the paraglider by the presence of a propeller that acts as a propeller , which is worn in a similar way to a backpack, by the pilot.

This vehicle is also capable of taking off from the plains and is therefore perfect for tourist flights in any area of the region.

If you want to get closer to the world of flight, the paramotor will be able to give you the emotions you are looking for, at the same time guaranteeing you maximum safety , also thanks to the ten-year experience of the our team.

Realize your dream of flying now and leave immediately for the adventure with a tandem flight !!

If what worries you is the trustworthy preparation, then we reassure you immediately by saying that no particular physical preparation is needed. All you have to bring with you is a great desire for adventure!

What are you still waiting for ?? Don't miss the chance to fly and contact us now !!

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Le Tartarughe Volanti Paragliding

Via Guarnerio, 120 20056 Trezzo sull'AddaMilan
 come and have a truly exciting experience  from here everything is beautiful  a fantastic choreography  colors at high altitude  fly with us  discover  adventure together

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Description of Le Tartarughe Volanti Paragliding

If you are looking for a qualified school that can accompany you on an indescribable adventure, you are in the right place!

Come and discover the professionalism and the experience of the flying school Flying Turtles , the best professionals of the Peninsula united for you to make you a unique experience in flight!

We offer you the opportunity to make a unique adventure in flight, come and meet the flight school Flying Turtles and you will not regret it!

High altitude has never been so fascinating, with Flying Turtles you can finally meet fantastic pilots! Experience the thrill of a fantastic tandem flight, you will take off from one of the hills near the Center and firmly attached to our best pilot you will begin to glide over wonderful natural scenery!

What are you waiting for? Make the right choice, choose to savor freedom, to reach pure happiness!

paragliding is classified as a non-extreme air sport as its practice does not require great physical effort and because the flight itself offers a truly relaxing experience suitable for everyone, children, teenagers and even those who are a little advanced in age!

Treat yourself to the adventure of a flight with us and you won't be able to do without leaving to conquer the blue skies!

For any information do not hesitate to contact us, Flying Turtles are here for you!

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