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Corso G. Ferraris, 58 Bis 10034 ChivassoTurin
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Description of Fly Club Voyager

Fly Club Voyager is an association that works with the aim of promoting and encouraging the practice of sport and pleasure flying with the help of powered aircraft. The school made up of expert flight instructors allows you to participate in educational courses lasting 6 months.

Each course is divided into a theoretical part (40 hours) with which you will acquire the skills and then face the practical part. The second part, relating to the practice, consists of 16 hours of flight, at least, and is carried out with a qualified instructor. At our center it will also be possible to use the services:

  • panoramic flights
  • baptisms of the air
  • passenger transport qualification course
  • procedures for renewing the VDS certificate
  • procedures for vehicle registration

Each activity will be carried out with the help of modern and safe airplanes. Do not hesitate to contact Fly Club Voyager and request more information!

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