Scuola Volo Brescia

Via Pradelle 25030 Torbole Casaglia (Brescia)
 Volare in Bianco With a Feet on the Water  Coppa Agello Iseo  Ready to Take Off  Corsa, Savage Hummer  Fly over the Water

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Description of Scuola Volo Brescia

The Scuola Volo Brescia has as its main purpose to spread the passion for flying. In all. Yes, everyone! In fact, to become an ultralight pilot you do not need the skills of a "superman" or a "wonder woman". You just need to be aged 16 and over, the physical fitness required for a driving license and ... the desire to fly!

The theoretical and practical activity necessary for the release of the recreational or sports flight certificate is carried out by our School according to the methods and criteria established by the Aero Club of Italy and approved by the Ministry of Transport.

The courses include a series of theoretical lessons (33 hours) and a minimum number of 16 flight hours, upon completion of which you are admitted to the final exam. The latter is organized by a commission of the Aero Club d'Itala and consists of a written test and a practical flight test. Each course is generally made up of 10, maximum 15 attendees and has an average duration of 4/5 months.

Theoretical lessons are group lessons and are held on average one evening a week. The practical lessons, on the other hand, are agreed upon according to the availability of visitors both on weekends / holidays and on weekdays.

The practical program of the Scuola Volo Brescia includes 24 flight missions of 40 minutes each, of which at least 3 solo, without an instructor, before the final exam. After passing the exam and obtaining the VDS certificate, it is possible to continue training with the School's aircraft to improve your experience, flying either with an instructor or solo, up to the total flight time of 30 hours.

After passing the qualifying exam, it will be possible to fly with a passenger.

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