1 Divisione F.I.R.

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 1st Division F.I.R. 1st Division F.I.R.  1st Division F.I.R.  1st Division F.I.R.  1st Division F.I.R.

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Description of 1 Divisione F.I.R.

1st Division FIR (Forza Intervento Rapido) is a Soft Air team based in Turin , born from the passion for an alternative and exciting sport of a group of friends, who want to share it with many other people.

The 1st Division F.I.R. since 2012 it represents the Italian Softair panorama at the prestigious G&G Armament competitions,

2012 "Selecter Prize" of the G&G Show Yourself.
2013 "MasterPiece Award" of G&G Your Greatest Glory.
2014 "Selecter Prize" of the G&G Show Yourself.
2015 "Selecter Prize" of the G&G Show Yourself.

If you want to play "quality airsoft" we are the group for you. The goal is to simulate military tactics, playing, putting into practice or developing techniques and methodologies that will allow you to face the game in a precise and above all compelling way, respecting the true soul of the airsoft, with loyal, correct and educated players, ready to get involved. game with the ultimate will to have fun together.

We were born at the beginning of 2012 from the great passion for the airsoft of three friends and colleagues, who have gained a good experience in a leading ASD in the Piedmontese scenario, to give life to a new team with the aim of promoting the practice of Softair and Lasertag.

The Team can boast the collaboration of friends who have gained experience in the military field, able to provide us with all those technical-practical notions to develop skills and attitudes inherent in the practice of our sport (orientering, movement, camouflage, etc.).
The sharing of the objectives and purposes contained in our Statute, the desire to have fun, to create aggregation and to spend a few hours of our free time in a carefree way, will be the levers that will lead this project to success.

The 1st ^ F.I.R. Division aims to "simulate" through play, the operation of a rapid intervention team to be used in both wooded and "urban" combat scenarios.
The aim is to develop techniques and methodologies typical of the CQB (Close quarter battle) and of the "Multi Operation Force" of Western countries.
The endowment of the Team will be appropriate in this sense; speed, stealth and precision will be the distinguishing elements of our use.

In this regard, the 1st Division F.I.R. has the authorizations to promote activities in both wooded areas and urban and semi-urban areas.

Thanks to the collaboration with other important ASDs of the Mil-Sim SSA Circuit (Strategic softair Association), we propose to promote a softair of mil-sim character and role,in fact, the Circuit provides for the organization of several tactical training sessions before undertaking events ranging from 12 to 48 hours of play.

You will find a motivated and engaging team, ready to make you live strong emotions, do not waste time, contact us! The invitation is addressed to self-equipped adults and minors accompanied by a playing guardian. 1st F.I.R. Division awaits you!

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