101 Carentan

Via Carlo Cattaneo,10 24061 Albano Sant'AlessandroBergamo
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Description of 101 Carentan

The SoftAir is basically proposed as a playful activity but characterized by careful attention to strategy and tactical action, aimed at developing a military simulation system within environments, natural or reconstructed, urban or wooded type.

The team play activity experienced by associating with 101 ^ Carentan is a complete experience that stimulates reasoning, releases adrenaline and teaches all players to maintain a correct playing style.

Participants are equipped with adequate equipment, in addition to the reproduction of the A.S.G weapon, even a camouflage to make the most of the potential in action.

101 ^ Carentan allows the practice of this sport and requires compliance with the rules by its members:

  • honesty and correctness of attitude on the part of all. It is the primary rule of the airsoft that does not rely on any type of reporting imposed for the recognition of "hit" players but only on the honesty of the same who declare themselves,
  • respect for teammates and opponents at all stages on and off the pitch as well as respect for the environment in which the match takes place.

101 ^ Carentan , whose name certainly refers to the history of the Second World War, is the synthesis of a group of young people who approached the world of airsoft almost by chance.

Join us, contact us, we promise you lots of fun and adventure!

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