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 Soldier in cover Assault on the camp  Fighters on the assault  Our camp  Lurking  Camouflaged in the grass

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Description of Air zone park

If you are a fan of Softair , you will not be able to miss our equipped field with attention to the smallest details for you and your friends !

Experience war simulation with us, create alliances and defeat the opposing team.

The Airsoft is also excellent as part of the company building team, helping to dissolve all tensions and useful for getting to know the more hidden side of your colleagues' nature.

To be a professional softgunners , it is essential to be fair and honest, declaring you defeated the moment you are hit, as unlike Paintball, no visible traces are left on the players' suits.

Plan your ambushes to the detriment of the other team, and defend yourself when necessary: hide in our crevices and behind our protections, trying not to be seen.

At the same time, spot where your opponents are hiding, and, at the right moment, unleash a lethal surprise attack that will blow the other team away.

If you still don't know this sport, hurry up and come and play with us!

Airsoft Emilia-Romagna

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