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Description of Nemesis Softair Club Cantello

The softair began its worldwide diffusion from Japan during the eighties and has now become the official sport of CONI. Also known as sports tactical shooting, this team activity is recognized as FISA (Italian Soft Air Federation) as well as included in the activities of the CSEN (National Educational Sports Center) and SNWG (National War Game Sports Association).

This absolutely non-violent sport is one of the ideal solutions for those looking for a sporting and fun practice to practice outdoors, as for particular corporate events (team building, problem solving etc) thanks to its great educational value and fomentation of the spirit of collaboration and aggregation.

Correctness from a sporting point of view is the basis of all the variants concerning the airsoft.

There are many types that you can experience thanks to Nemesis Softair Club Cantello :

  • with a flag (or other object) - conquering, defending and maintaining it,
  • with one position - conquering, defending and maintaining a team logistic point,
  • reaching and replenishing a position besieged by an opposing team,
  • release of a prisoner and transport him to a security area;
  • recovery of vehicles, documents or other logistic material,
  • crossing of minefields or with electric obstacles etc,
  • team-based exclusionary combat,
  • preparation of the base camp,
  • orienteering activities at a strategic level.

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