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Description of Scoiattoli SoftAir Torino

1994 is the year in which the idea that will give life to the groups was born, by two enthusiasts of dynamic shooting with suitable terrain on the Turin hills.

Thanks to word of mouth the group expanded up to the constitution in May 31, 2000, of the Scoiattoli SoftAir Torino.

The life of the club has progressed in these years of activity with different changes in the shape of the team and has been characterized by a progressive growth for the many fans who have decided to join the group.

The game calendar drawn up by the group for its members includes matches every two Sundays, training between members or friendly confrontation with other teams, even outside the association's grounds.

The reproductions used include mythical models that airsoft enthusiasts will love: XM177, G3A3, MP5SD6, MP5A5 and much more.

It is essential to understand that being a member of the Scoiattoli SoftAir Torino group does not mean being belligerent but being a normal person who wants to savor particular emotions twice a month, also to realize what it is. a "fire" fight.

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