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Panicaglia 50032 Borgo San LorenzoFlorence
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Description of Softair Mugello

The AIRSOFT discipline is nothing more than a sport in which two or more teams face each other whose purpose is the elimination of the opposing team or the conquest of certain objectives (depending on the types of games).

It has the same rules as Paintball but, since in Italy the latter is not practicable, the Airsoft is carried out through ASG (Air Soft Gun) hitting the opponent with harmless plastic bullets, and the hit player must honestly leave the area game.

The ASD SoftAir Mugello , founded at the end of 2005, allows its members to practice this very educational, and fun sport, right at the gates of Florence.

The various more or less military tactics , that we try to develop during the games serve only and exclusively to improve the harmony and technique of the various components within the team (so as not to go foolish tournaments, to put it simply).

What the SoftAir Mugello club aims to do is to encourage more and more people to practice this wonderful sport, which allows us to spend wonderful Sundays immersed in nature.

Therefore, do not expect military training in the Full Metal Jacket style, but wonderful hours to spend with new friends, and between one game and another (especially at lunchtime) a good meal of grilled meat and a good glass of wine !!!

If you want to participate in the proposals and training sessions of SoftAir Mugello, do not hesitate to contact the group.

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