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GASSINO 10090 Gassino TorineseTurin
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Description of T.N.T. Softair

TNT Softair is an amateur sports association, based in Gassino Torinese, founded in 2006 by a group of friends, with the intention of promoting the practice of a sport that is gaining more and more interest.

The club has two playing fields and the official one is located in a large wooded area, located on the bank of the Po river, between Gassino Torinese and Castiglione Torinese.

Games are organized every 15 days and the staff, thanks to its expertise, will allow you to live an extraordinary experience equipped with all the necessary equipment, which will make your game safe.

The fun will be guaranteed! By contacting T.N.T Softair you can request more information!

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