Asd. Arcieri Langhe e Roero

VIA BOUILLARGUES 12051 GuareneCuneo
 aiming the target medieval representations  targets of varying difficulty  courses for children  our archers  the field with bows  ready to launch

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Description of Asd. Arcieri Langhe e Roero

Robin Hood! Who hasn't dreamed of shooting arrows as a child with his unmistakable precision!

The Arcieri Langhe and Roero have created an association to give this satisfaction to adults and children, teaching how to use bow and arrows at all levels.

In Guarene , therefore, we have many Robin Hood wannabes!

Especially during the summer, in the sports field located in the capital, the sports association Arcieri Langhe and Roero organizes courses for children over six years old, as well as for all adults who want to acquire the techniques. right to aim and hit the target.

In the gyms located between Castagnito and Sommariva Perno , archery is practiced both as a sporting activity, but also as an Olympic one. It is also possible to learn directly with an instructor belonging to FITARCO .

Join this fantastic group of archery lovers and nostalgic dreamers who aspire to be a bit of Robin Hood themselves.

Contact the association of the Langhe and Roero Archers and start this ancient activity, but always beautiful and current, which teaches us precision and makes us improve the balance.

We look forward to seeing you!

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