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Description of 25Miglia Canyoning

Adriano Tegas founded 25Miglia together with a group of active tourism and extreme sports enthusiasts. The company is based in Ogliastra , one of the most beautiful islands of Sardinia and deals with canyoning.

In recent years, canyoning has become the sportiest way to visit unknown places, allowing you to explore the pristine environment of mountain streams while practicing some sport. Adriano's goal is for people to explore and get to know the wonders of this locality, to pass on the knowledge of the territory and traditions to future generations.

If you want to canyoning in Sardinia , there is no better place: you will use a series of modern techniques including the single rope , the cableway and climbing. Our canyons are quite steep and offer spectacular views from the cliffs and along impressive waterfalls. Some of them form natural slides from which you can descend in total safety, while other differences in height can be overcome with a dip in the lakes.

The 25Miglia philosophy is to learn in order to transmit, and this group does not stop learning in order to offer high quality excursions. The team is made up of expert natural guides who continually attend refresher courses, test new techniques and work to obtain industry certifications.

Come and visit us to discover all our itineraries, we are waiting for you in Ogliastra !

Canyoning Sardinia Canyoning Nuoro Canyoning Loceri

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