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Description of Associazione Speleologica

Speleology is an activity difficult to define, in part definable as "sport" frees from this definition as it is not actually subject to training, in part activities in contact with nature, even if it certainly does not respect the classic concept of outdoor habitat. Speleology encompasses all these classifications in itself, while departing from these, it is a real science, but a science of great emotions.

The Speleological Association A. Della Marmora was born in this light, in the year 2000, from the efforts of a close-knit first founding nucleus which included not only caving enthusiasts, but also experts in Archeology, Paleontology and Geology, important environmental disciplines that complete and strengthen the speleological research activities.

The year following the foundation was the year of the official start of the educational activities, in fact in 2001 the first speleology course took place, a 1st level course , of introduction to speleological techniques and its history which, in 2003, was renewed with the advanced course which officially patented the first group to the title of assistant-instructor of 1st level speleological guide .

From there we never stopped and we are constantly looking for new enthusiasts to share and spread this beautiful passion.

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