Centro Speleo Archeologico Dorgali

000 08022 Dorgali (Nuoro)
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Description of Centro Speleo Archeologico Dorgali

The Centro Speleo Archeologico Dorgali takes its name from the town of Nuoro where the group's speleological activity is based and deals with studying the natural environment of the region, in particular as regards the Speleological aspect of the territory Sardinian.

The year 1995 coincides with the inauguration of the first of the many courses dedicated to this area that the Center will organize during its lifetime. They are all 1st level courses that provide the novice student with the tools and notions useful to undertake their own group cave descents. For those wishing to continue their path, then, the center maintains a close collaboration with regional organizations for Level II courses.

However, speleology in the cave is not the only area in which the Dorgali Speleo Archaeological Center operates; that of canyoning is another sector similar to speleo in particular development, which finds routes of extraordinary interest in the caves of the province. Canyoning in the most beautiful areas of our Supramonte, climbing and various trekking in the most suggestive areas of Barbagia and Ogliastra.

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