Centro Studi Ipogei Specus

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Description of Centro Studi Ipogei Specus

The Speleological Group Centro Studi Ipogei Specus is based in Cagliari and has been studying the karst environment of the Sardinian region since 1993.

The statute involving members promotes different aspects that may affect the practice of caving and in which direction this science can focus.

The G.S. is committed, first of all, to the protection of the environmental heritage, obviously with a particular interest in its field of study, through various activities:

  • introductory courses to speleological practice for beginners , organized directly by the group and aimed at transmitting the fundamentals of safety and progression in the cave, but which may also involve distinct environments such as type cavities artificial-urban or with water courses and basins such as canyoning courses (canyoning),
  • Commitment to research and study of the speleo / archaeological aspect of the areas explored,
  • active participation in events and projects of various types in the field of culture and tourism promotion, cultural activities and events,
  • realization of guided tours in the most interesting streets from the speleological and archaeological point of view.

Our first level course of Karst Speleology is organized in five exciting weeks to spend with us to learn the techniques of progression in the cave, discover how the underground environments were formed, observe closely this particular habitat that hosts numerous fauna species and ... much more!

All this in total safety and constantly supported by instructors recognized by the Italian Speleological Society.

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