Club Speleologico Proteo

Viale Riviera Berica, 631 36100 Vicenza (City)Vicenza
Speleological excursions  You enter the cave

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Description of Club Speleologico Proteo

Would you like to know places that are not easily accessible? Speleological Club Proteo is the one for you!

The center has for many years been working to encourage speleological activities that allow us to learn about underground places such as caves and karst caves.

Our staff organizes a first level caving course every year and allows you to learn everything you need to know about the underground world.

Our guides, expert speleologists, will allow you to learn, correctly, how to go into the caves and what precautions to use.

Participants in excursions or courses must wear the right equipment to face a new adventure in complete safety.

By contacting Speleological Club Proteo you can request more information!

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