Grup Espeleològic Alguerès

via Sassari, 80 07041 Alghero (Sassari)
Grotta Gea  Grotta del Teschio  Grotta di Eolo  Grotta di Locoli  Grotta di Nettuno  Grotta di Su Tintirriolu

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Description of Grup Espeleològic Alguerès

G.E.A. Grup Espeleològic Alguerès was born from the formalization of the immense passion of five friends for caving and their great love for the Sardinian territory.

Increasing research, study and protection of a highly suggestive and fascinating environment like the underground world, spreading knowledge among young people, these are the objectives that accompany the birth certificate of G.E.A. .

The systematic exploration of the territory had been, up to the birth of the association, carried out first and foremost, in an unofficial way and had already paid off, with the discovery of many cavities in the Sassari area, including:

  • Gruta de las Guaurras, splendid for the delicate eccentric concretions that characterize it,
  • Gruta Gea, with its celebratory circles on the ground that have led it to be among the most visited caves by local and visiting speleologists,

but also other cavities outside the narrow Alghero area such as the Gruta del buf, the Gruta 1 ° de la Penya and the Grotta 1 ° di Santu Jagu.

Worthy of note are also the explorations of the cave divers of the G.E.A. in 1975 in the terminal lake of the Green Grotto and participation in the subsequent underwater archaeological excavation in the aforementioned lake conducted in '79 by the Experimental Center of Underwater Archeology; the excavation allowed the discovery of a Neolithic necropolis.

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