Gruppo Grotte Milano

via A. Volta 22 20121 Milano (City)Milan
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Description of Gruppo Grotte Milano

The Gruppo Grotte Milano involves you in its different areas of action which include:

  • Excavations
  • Explorations in Grigna
  • Sightseeing
  • Accompaniments aimed at getting to know the underground environment and to bring you closer to the practice of caving.

Two karst areas of great importance that concentrate the Group's contribution are the karst environments that characterize its areas of the Lombardy region of Pian del Tivano and Grigna.

User collaboration is always welcome, obviously in accordance with their availability and experience.

The Group's presence abroad has been constant and assiduous over the years, with many important research expeditions, organized annually thanks to the collaboration with local offices dedicated to caving in various countries. This great professionalism has resulted therefore. the Group to operate in Israel, on Mount Sedom above the Dead Sea, in the Philippines, Ecuador, Crimea, Indonesia and Java Island, Venezuela (1992), Mongolia, Borneo, Nicaragua, China, Bolivia, Vietnam and, closer to us, Albania and Spain.

Another important form of speleology should not be forgotten in this natural landscape, that dedicated to artificial cavities in an urban environment, which the Grotte Group Milan practiced, for example, in the artificial underground tunnels of the Castello Sforzesco and that of Trezzo d'Adda.

A new world awaits you at Grotte Milano Group.

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