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Description of Gruppo Naturalistico Montelliano

The Montelliano Naturalistic Group has as an official date of its formation June 1969, as a new formation of the Montelliano Speleological Group, which had been operational, up to that date, since 1964, in a certain meaning, the embryonic phase of this new association.

Certainly among the longest-running centers dedicated to speleological activity, the Group has always been characterized by a strong educational imprint in its activities, mainly aimed at the research field.

There are many activities on which the interest and study of the members of the Montelliano Naturalistic Group took place and which still constitute the current field of action:

  • the Speleology , which was part of the first formation, conceived as a commitment in the field and aimed at getting to know the underground structure of Montello and the internal hydrology that regulates the area;
  • the Mineralogy , Geology and Paleontology, as complementary disciplines of the previous one, but that over time have assumed their own dimension both of research and study and therefore of well differentiated collection.

In 40 years of activity, with some natural high and low, the results obtained are remarkable and certainly of absolute value.

The G.N.M. independently manages its own private museum which is opened upon request or on special occasions; it is widely used by schools of all levels for practical lessons with a possible complementary excursion to Montello.

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