Gruppo Speleologico Archeologico Versiliese

Casella Postale 96 55045 Pietrasanta (Lucca)
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Description of Gruppo Speleologico Archeologico Versiliese

The splendid area of ​​Forte dei Marmi also has its own group of speleological studies, the Gruppo Speleologico Archeologico Versiliese, unofficially active since the fifties, then moved to nearby Pietrasanta to take on an official constitution in the year '63.

The growth that has involved the group in these decades of activity has led to a brand new and more updated statute but also to an expansion in the area of ​​action that from Versilia, to also involved the neighboring areas of Garfagnana and Lucca.

Gruppo Speleologico Archeologico Versiliese is also part of the Italian Alpine Club, specifically in its Pietrasanta Section, and is associated with the Tuscan Speleological Federation and the Italian Speleological Society, which confirm its prestige and seriousness of purpose .

From an educational and training point of view, the Group is the seat of the Versilian Speleology School of the National Commission for Speleology Schools established by the aforementioned Italian Speleological Society.

Among the members, the Group can boast five Technique Instructors flanked by three Assistant Instructors , as well as a National Speleology Instructor and three Speleology Instructors belonging to the CAI National School: great professionals who make the group a record club.

The commitment within the speleological sector has for years been in the field of recreational and research activities:

  • annual speleology courses;
  • realization of speleo-archaeological excursions in interaction with local authorities or other associations,
  • social events and public projections of speleological photography.

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