Gruppo Speleologico Fiorentino

Vialetto Amerigo Gomez 50136 Firenze (City)Florence
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Description of Gruppo Speleologico Fiorentino

Gruppo Speleologico Fiorentino is one of the historical groups dedicated to speleo and paleontology born in Italy. Founded within the CAI of Florence, this study and research center engaged in the development of knowledge and detection practices of karst phenomena, has been active since 1927 with expeditions to caves throughout the area of the Parco delle Alpi Apuane.

The synergies between its sciences and the commitment placed by the group in the activities in the field, has led to the discovery of numerous fossil finds that have made it possible to enrich the classification of the complex local extinct fauna, such as the specimens of the deer family or bears and set the date of my passage in the area.

Caving is our passion and we would like to share it with you.

The Gruppo Speleologico Fiorentino can be contacted directly for more information.

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