Gruppo Speleologico Natura Esplora

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Description of Gruppo Speleologico Natura Esplora

The wonders of the underground are a heritage to be discovered and speleological science is a great way to do it.

The Nature Explore Speleological Group was created in 1997 by a group of friends with previous experience in the field, great enthusiasm and desire to practice their passion with an ever-growing group of enthusiasts with whom you can compare.

The speleological association Gruppo Speleologico Natura Explorer is affiliated with the Italian Speleological Society and has been an integrated and active part in the formation processes of the Campania Speleological Federation.

The proposals of the Nature Explore Speleological Group range in different areas of speleological hiking. Among the activities contemplated, you will find:

  • Explorations: Underwater passage of the veins, explorations in the Alburni, exploration in the upper Sele valley, explorations in the Grava d'Inverno.
  • Cave expeditions,
  • Topographic explorations of local artificial cavities,
  • Activities in the area: such as the National Days of Speleology or the Guided Excursions on the Albburni mountains,
  • Courses: for the beginning of May there will be a course in cartography and use of GPS in the speleological environment in Sant'Angelo a Fassanella at the National Library,
  • Participation in Events: registrations for the Regional Speleology Conference are about to expire.

Contact the Speleological Group and clarify your doubts and curiosities regarding the proposed activities.

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