Speleo Club Oristanese

Loc.Fenosu 000 Oristano (City) (Oristano)
 All for One, One for All A Little Difficult Walk  More and more Jun  In the Dolina  Traverso on the P70  Attack

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Description of Speleo Club Oristanese

Sardinia is a wonderful country which, in addition to having great traditions and a beautiful sea, also has a considerable karst heritage.

Speleo Club Oristanese has made Speleology on the island a real passion to share, countless are the discoveries and excursions it organizes.

Every year a special introductory course to the techniques and precepts of caving is organized, so that our future speleologists are adequately prepared for the exploration of natural cavities.

Come and discover the courses and outing programs, as well as the incredible expeditions of the Speleo Club Oristanese group.

Caving Sardinia

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