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Putzu Idu 09070 San Vero MilisOristano
Recreational courses  Discovering the blue backdrops

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Description of 9511 Diving Team

9511 Diving Team is a center that offers the opportunity to learn more about the world of diving through a series of educational activities.

Diving was born thanks to the passion of two diving enthusiasts who want to allow anyone who wants to get to know the underwater world more closely.

The school allows you to opt for:

  • Recreational courses
  • Technical courses
  • Snorkeling courses
  • Freediving courses

For those interested it will also be possible to participate in guided excursions that will allow you to admire splendid underwater places, extraordinarily beautiful and fascinating.

With the help of suitable equipment, all divers can dive in total safety, always accompanied by experts.

By contacting 9511 Diving Team you can request more information and details on the various activities!

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