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Description of Team Aieie

Fishing is one of the oldest and most interesting activities in the world, it allows those who practice it total relaxation and great satisfaction when you manage to catch a large fish.

Team Aieie is located in front of the Island of Elba and we are pleased to welcome both experienced and novice fishermen on board. In both cases, participants can bring their own equipment or use ours on board.

The techniques that you will be able to experiment at the association are:

  • Big Game Fishing - an experience of drifting fishing , fishing anchored and trying to engage with prey such as bluefin tuna or swordfish. The technique used is, in our opinion, one of the most exciting, standing "stand up" ,
  • Bolentino fishing - ideal for prey such as Horse Mackerel and Mackerel, at the center it has been perfected to offer great results. The crew will reveal their techniques, which can also be applied to scabbard fish and other fish species such as ray, bonito or St. Peter's fish.
  • Trolling - we usually practice it in the stretch of sea we travel to get to the Gulf of Baratti, where we go for tuna fishing. While navigating in this stretch it is possible to collect especially Tombrelli and Palamiti, but it is also common to fish Mackerel and Lampughe, obviously all with the specific equipment and perfected by the team of the association.

A fishing experience with Team Aieie is a step towards professionalism even on vacation!

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