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Description of AcroPark

Acro Park in addition to harmony and respect for nature, wants to promote the combination of physical and mental activity in total safety, with the installation of acrobatic routes in the woods.

In fact, the foundations are the trees, the furnishings are wooden platforms, fixed to the trunks that communicate with each other through various types of aerial connections.

Tibetan bridges, lianas, ladders, steel ropes, nets and more, make up routes of varying difficulty, usually passable in 30-60 minutes.

Having fun in the park will be very simple, follow a few steps with the instructor, wear the harness, the rules to be observed along the way will be explained and you will go on an adventure.

Eventually in case of difficult passages they can be overcome with easier connections for those who do not feel sufficiently prepared.

Do you want to have fun? Contact Acro Park for more information.

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