Il Giardino Sospeso

Via del Vigna 199 57121 Livorno (City)Livorno
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Description of Il Giardino Sospeso

The Suspended Garden is an aerial acrobatic course, consisting of six tarzaning itineraries built among the trees, consisting of a series of wooden platforms, fixed by cables and connected to each other by fun passages, of increasing difficulty and accessible in relation to age and height of users.

The routes are absolutely safe, built to ensure their usability to users in total safety, and managed by competent personnel, moreover, each participant will receive, from the park, a helmet, carabiners, harnesses and pulleys to tackle the chosen routes.

We start from the Practical path, a simple exercise among the trees ideal for becoming more fluent in practice and getting to know the use of the various materials and tools.

Following the paths are divided according to the age of the users:

  • Children's path 1 - a first approach for the little ones, with V-shaped net, net tunnel, two walkways, one with rungs and one with boards; and then a Tibetan bridge and a fun Tyrolean bridge of about 13 meters, all with a reduced height that does not exceed 2.50 meters.
  • Children's path 2 - suspended log, vertical nets, swinging beams and much more, to reach a Tyrolean track of 25 meters in length. The whole route has a maximum height of 2.30 meters.
and then continue, for the "older adventurers (children and adults) with the colored routes:
  • Green path - a series of adrenaline-pumping equipment and a Tyrolean of about 28 meters await you at a height of 5.50 meters above the ground,
  • Blue course - perfect for those who have a good predisposition to sport, it is characterized by a particularly varied composition of tools and a Tyrolean path of about 35 meters; maximum height 7 meters ,
  • Red route - also recommended for people in good shape and sporting aptitudes, it has more demanding equipment than the other routes, Tyrolean of about 60 meters and a maximum height of 8.50 meters.
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Reviewed the 27/04/14

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parking is not controlled. the bags were stolen from the car
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