A.S.D Centro Ippico Lombardo

Via Fetonte, 21 20151 Milano (City)Milan
 Two equestrian centers in Milan Competitive school in Milan

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Description of A.S.D Centro Ippico Lombardo

Centro Ippico Lombardo has been dedicated to equestrian teaching and the competitive sector, with its current structure, for over thirty years, in the Lombard capital.

The center consists of a Pony School , a Horse School and has a sector dedicated to the competitive training of its students.

The schools are all recognized as a "federal school" and offer three course levels.

for the Pony School open to children aged 7 to 16:

  • Beginners,
  • Advanced,
  • Patent,

for the Scuola Cavalli:

  • horse riding at Passo and Trotto,
  • Step, Trot and Gallop,
  • Trot, Gallop and Show Jumping.

On the other hand, those dedicated to competition can rely on the school's federal instructors to be followed with a personalized method.

The center is located in Milan, come and meet the team!

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