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Description of Asd Ars Vivendi

Ars Vivendi is a magical place for horse lovers, where you can breathe passion for horse riding and a lot of respect for these splendid and noble animals.

The center offers different types of activities aimed at both adults and children who want to undertake a formative and highly satisfying path as only the field of equestrian sports can be.

To participate in the proposals of Ars Vivendi it is necessary to join the association with its valid registration and it will be possible to take part in riding lessons or courses (ten hours of lessons) , held in the morning or afternoon.

For those who need it, a horse retirement service is also available, in case you want to participate in lessons with your own horses.

For younger (or aspiring) riders, Ars Vivendi organizes specific routes and events such as guided tours and lessons, but also special birthday parties in contact with the world of the horse, at the clubhouse in the center.

Contact Ars Vivendi and discover a world in which to share the great passion that unites us.

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