Circolo Ippico Le 5 Querce

Via Albone, 35 41011 CampogallianoModena
 Walks along the Secchia  Smile western

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Description of Circolo Ippico Le 5 Querce

The Le 5 Querce Equestrian Club has been engaged for years in the training of riders and amazons both in the basic riding activities as in the accompaniment and preparation of athletes involved in competitions and in competitions of different relevance.

In order to have access to the activities, it is necessary to request an annual horse riding registration and to be in possession of a certificate of fitness to practice sport.

For small members, the summer season will also be an opportunity to take short walks with the association's ponies.

The center is located within the River Park of the Expansions of the Secchia River , a very beautiful natural area overlooking the shores of the Curiel Lakes.

At the school it will also be possible to access the pension service for your horses.

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