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Description of Nick Avventura

If you can't wait to add new, memorable and breathtaking activities to your list, Nick Avventura outdoor center is for you!

Nick Avventura is an outdoor center that always organizes new adventures around places still unexplored, ancient roads, woods that will amaze you thanks to their fauna and paths accessible from the Agro Pontino to the highest peaks of the Apennines .
Get ready to rediscover your wild and passionate side!

The excursions organized by Nick Avventura are held in the province of Latina in Lazio , in Sabaudia , Terracina , Bassiano , San Felice Circeo and surroundings.
It is no coincidence that there are various kayaking excursions in the Circeo Caves , trekking to Monte Lupone , to Circe peak , aperi-kayak , walks immersed in history and much more!

These are those activities that should not be underestimated at all, on the contrary, not only do you have the opportunity to discover unusual but extraordinary places, but you can above all acquire notions about the flora and fauna of the area and fill yourself with history, culture and ancient traditions of the local populations.

Still not convinced?
Book your next adventure and take your buddy or adventure companion with you and follow your wild souls!

Nick Adventure awaits you!

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