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Via punta saline 21 07026 OlbiaOlbia-Tempio
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Description of Sardinia Kíte school

Sardinia Kite School , is located in the north of Sardinia, in the province of Olbia .

We are kitesurfing professionals , and we give lessons so that you can become experts in this discipline.

The lesson includes a theoretical part on how to use kitesurfing.

Later we will have practical lessons to learn how to handle the board and the kite. This sport, in fact, unlike surfing, involves the use of a kite that will make you surf to the rhythm of the wind!

Sardinia, and the beaches of Olbia, give the opportunity to practice this sport perfectly, thanks to the wind currents that normally run through the island.

With the practical lesson, therefore, you will learn how to handle the equipment, starting with the board and the kite , as well as how to use it according to the various wind conditions.

Another fundamental aspect that will be covered during the course will be the position of the body. In fact, a correct posture, as well as certain movements are essential to maintain balance and dominate the situation.

We organize individual and group lessons, and we also offer the possibility to buy a package that includes accommodation .

If you want to learn this adventurous sport, book our lessons!

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