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Description of Steccato

Kitesurf Calabria is a Kitesurf school born from the passion that the owner Paolo Fauci has for this sport.

The school is based in Steccato di Cutro in the province of Crotone, the birthplace of the owner. This country is an excellent spot for kitesurfing, there are wild and unspoiled beaches, kilometers of white sand and crystal clear sea where there is plenty of space for everyone, you can surf the sea in complete freedom without disturbing anyone. The best period is from March to October, in winter the climate is always mild.

The school offers various courses for up to 4 people which include the equipment necessary for the course (kite, board, wetsuit, harness, life jacket and assistance boat).

The basic course includes: theory and practice on land, introduction to Kitesurfing, winds direction and intensity, gaits, safety and prevention in Kitesurfing, equipment, assembly and adjustment of equipment, theory and practice on conduction , flight and control technique with trapeze.

In the water: techniques of relaunching the wing and safety in the sea body drag and technique of starting with the board.

Course of the kite class is divided into 3 steps:

  • Step 1 (2 meetings lasting one hour): basic concepts, static kite management, dynamic use of the kite
  • Step 2 (2 meetings lasting 1 hour): static and dynamic management of 4-line traction kite, ground pull tests, body drag
  • Step 3: body drag, water start techniques, water start tests

The courses on the water will be held with wind from 10 knots to a maximum of 20 knots.

If you are looking for an uncontaminated sea area, white beaches and strong wind, do not hesitate to contact the Kitesurf Calabria kitesurf school!

Kitesurfing Calabria

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