Via Gambalunga 73 47921 Rimini (City) (Rimini)
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Description of Laserdromo

Laserdromo is located in Rimini, the hub of entertainment on the Romagna coast.

It takes you to play the now famous laser-tag , a fun "virtual battle" game that takes place in an arena in the form of a labyrinth of 250 meters square. inside which move the two teams of players armed with a laser rifle and a signal vest.

Bodice sensors and rifles are linked to provide information to participants on when they are hit, lives and shots left.

The usual Briefing serves to illustrate the rules of the game and then let the battle ignite in a totally enveloping scenario, made up of special lights, smoke and fur-tourism equipment.

It will be like being immersed in a video game or in a particularly realistic simulator, but with the added advantage of being absolutely protagonists and in the first person of the battle, as well as having the opportunity to socialize and have fun with the group of other people.

Laser Tag Emilia-Romagna

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1-40 People
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1-40 People
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