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 hikers driving our quads  beautiful Pistis beach  What a view!  Short stop in one of the beautiful coasts along the coast of Oristano

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Description of Sardegna Dentro

Sardinia is one of the richest regions of naturalistic landscapes in Italy, it is not surprising in fact the quantity of tourists who reach the island every year to experience and immerse themselves in the beauty of its landscapes.

Being a very large region but at the same time sparsely inhabited, it is sometimes difficult, if you do not have your own vehicle, to visit its most hidden areas.

This is why our company " Sardegna Dentro " comes to your rescue: not only will it allow you to visit places that are difficult to reach, but it aims to do it in an original and fun way at the same time.

We are located in the area of San Nicolò d'Arcidano in the province of Oristano , on the west coast of the island, certainly one of the most visited and richest areas from a landscape point of view.

We offer you the opportunity to take half-day tours in quad or in 4x4 : these vehicles, due to their characteristics, will allow you to cross and travel dirt roads, areas that are difficult to explore in feet or with a normal car.

You will visit wonderful places including: Monte Gentilis , Monte Arcuentu so called for its particular arch shape, and the numerous beaches that make up the coast of Oristano as the Pistis beach , the green coast , Piscinas .

Our companions are also expert connoisseurs of the area and will propose to tell you stories , myths and legends related to these places.

Undoubtedly an extremely enriching, fun and interesting experience, moreover it is possible to do it in company as our quads are two-seater.

What are you waiting for, come and explore Sardinia with us!

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