Escape Room Fugadallastanza

Via della Stazione all'interno del parco pubblico 27028 San Martino SiccomarioPavia
 many objects to discover one of our settings  every time and a new experience  you will be able to find the key to exit  room of mysteries  clues to interpret

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Description of Escape Room Fugadallastanza

The escape room game mainly consists of solving a series of logic questions to get out of a themed room with a time limit of 60 minutes . Inside the room you will find a series of clues which, thanks to the collaboration between the participants, will lead to the solution of the riddle and to the exit from the room.

Inside an escape room the theme can change every time and Escape Room Fugadallanzo is an expert in this proposing a story that will surprise you ! You will have to deal with puzzles, riddles, puzzles and codes to solve that will lead you to obtain the key to exit the room.

The main goal of these games is to stimulate logic and collaboration between the competitors. This is why it is often used as a team building activity, useful for fostering cohesion of a work group.

Teams can be formed from a minimum of two to a maximum of seven people , imposing a limit of participants related to the size of the room.

Escape Room Escape Room awaits you!

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