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Description of Infinity Room

Discover the world of Escape Rooms with Infinity Room, a structure located near Lodi, to put yourself in the shoes of another character for an Now.

Our project is to bring everyone closer to the world of group play, an alternative opportunity to promote team building, knowledge among people, enhance the sense of collaboration and sharing not only between friends and family but also between co-workers, in a more fun way.

Our Escape Rooms, as the name of our Infinity Room project suggests, are endless stories and scenarios that are continuously changed and updated to offer ever new and original experiences.

In each Escape Room you will be "locked up" with your group in a real room from which you can only get out after solving a series of puzzles and riddles. Solving each puzzle will lead you to solve the next one.

To solve the questions it is necessary to use all the objects and furniture in the room and collaborate with all the members of the group.

Each room, which corresponds to a game, will have its own setting which will reflect the theme of the game: there may be a type of furniture that is very reminiscent of a certain film, historical period or a particular city.

You will be one of your own protagonists of a story written in part by yourself!

The games are usually not related to specific knowledge, but are highly dependent on the problem solving skills of the participants. This makes it possible for even the youngest to participate.

Each Escape Room can have a different number of admitted participants based on the story and the type of riddles.

Come and visit us in our office in Lodi, to find out which room is best suited for you!

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