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 Fun And Joy The Island of Caprera  Come and play sports in our sea  Fantastic landscapes  In preparation  In search of the path  Leave with us!  Learn To Sail  A Sport That Combines Fun And Commitment

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Description of Centro Velico Caprera Punta Coda

Centro Velico Caprera Punta Coda is located in the splendid scenery of the Maddalena archipelago. In addition to a sea school, we consider ourselves a school of life.

The appointment is every Saturday in alla Maddalena from where a motorboat will transport the students to Caprera and the return is scheduled to Palau or La Maddalena, depending on the wind and sea conditions, about two hours later.

The base of the center present in Caprera is structured in three settlements in which the teachers share their time with the students, including practical lessons on board and theoretical lessons in the classrooms of the center. Each structure has its own kitchen and canteen. The three main base settlements are:

  • Punta Coda - meeting place for students who dedicate themselves to basic and initiation courses in sailing, fortnightly or weekly courses that learn to sail on dinghies,
  • Perfection - as the name suggests, it is the structure that welcomes students who attend the Advanced Drift and HP course,
  • Pre-cruise - students of the homonymous route and participants and of the Initiation course on Cabin cruisers, the two courses are characterized by part of the stay to be carried out on board during the practical phase.

Our courses are designed to meet all needs. You can choose between:

  • Initiation (weekly, biweekly, advanced and for kids)
  • Sailing dinghy (sailing improvement)
  • Catamaran
  • Pre-cruise
  • Cruise (fortnightly, weekly)
  • High Performance (sport sailing)
  • Altura

A complete path to experience the sea as true professionals.

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