Associazione Paracadutisti Bologna

Via Castelfidardo n°11 40123 Bologna (City)Bologna
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Description of Associazione Paracadutisti Bologna

The Association of Bologna Paratroopers was formed several years ago with the aim of promoting the practice of a very adventurous sport.

All those who want to know skydiving in detail can do so by participating in our training courses. The association, in fact, proposes:

Round course. The course is aimed at those who want to join the air troops. The patent that enables the launch is, in fact, a preferential title for the paratroopers division. Overall, the hours of lessons are 40, divided into three appointments: two midweek and one at the weekend. The certificate of suitability for the jump, obtained at a Sports Medicine Clinic, must be attached to the application form.

A.F.F. Currently the most popular, the crash course allows you to achieve autonomy in jumping in a relatively short time. A theoretical part, lasting 6 hours, will be followed by the practical phase. The jump will be done individually from the very first moment. To ensure the safety of the aspiring paratrooper, every gesture will be coordinated by a pilot from the radio station.

Tandem . This is a jump aimed at beginners looking for an exciting adventure without the responsibility of managing the parachute. A flight suitable for those who do not intend to follow an educational course, but still want to experiment.
It is carried out harnessed to an experienced pilot who will go down with you. Reached the altitude of 4000 meters, the launch takes place. You will fall in free fall for about a minute, at a speed of 200 km / h. Only at this point, the teacher will open the parachute and allow a comfortable landing.

Each student or participant in the activities will be provided with basic equipment, to undertake the jumps with maximum safety.

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