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Description of Body Fly University

Body Fly University gives you adrenaline and pure fun in Reggio Emilia! Come and jump with us with the parachute! We offer you a wide range of possibilities to give you unforgettable emotions!

First of all, no experience is necessary: you can jump with our instructors, while for those who want to learn the discipline you will find an excellent school with us that can teach you all the techniques and secrets of launch. We also practice and put at your disposal new techniques and types of throwing, original and modern.

Choose your experience among all those we offer for everyone:

  • Tandem Jump - the safe and easy way to experience the thrill of freefall without having to take a course
  • AFF - Accelerated free fall course - innovative and rapid course to learn throwing techniques and become independent in the sport of parachuting.

On the other hand, for those who practice sport skydiving and already have experience, new types of aerial activities at your disposal:

  • Freefly is the most modern specialty of sport skydiving and consists in flying with your body at various angles with respect to the references. It can be practiced alone or in large groups. At our school it is possible to learn this specialty from the instructors of the AriA team, among the best in the world in practice.
  • Swoop is the most spectacular of the open sailing disciplines and consists in making landings at very high speed over ponds in safety.
  • Rw is the discipline that consists in forming predefined figures in free fall. In competitions there are teams of 4, 8 and 16 members and the team that manages to execute the greatest number of figures in the timed time acquires the best score.
  • Wingsuit is the most effective way to fly for longer at the same launch altitude. The particular "wing" suits allow the paratrooper to fly for much larger spaces with slower fall speeds.

We are proud to tell ourselves that the Reggio Emilia launch area, thanks also to its size, is one of the safest in Italy to carry out "round" parachute jumps in order to obtain the ANP patent.

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